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Summer School Sailing 2016

The Details, Cruises 5 to 13 of the 2016 season:

-9th July to 7th August

-448 nautical miles

-Crew: Laurie, Calum, ( 30 schoolboys with average age of 13 years)


Gordonstoun International Summer School chartered Bluebird for this period which consisted of eight three day cruises and one four day cruise, each trip ran between Dunstaffnage Marina and Ardfern Yacht Centre.

Our crews included boys from; Italy, Russia, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, and France. To help with communication the boys were challenged to speak English as much as possible, this made for some entertaining banter as we discovered that some English words had different meanings in other languages .

These happy days were spent sailing between Dunstaffnage and Ardfern where crew changes took place and between these ports we visited sheltered anchorages, remote islands, some enchanting sea Loch’s and narrow tidal inlets. Our young international crew were excited to see an abundance of local wild life which included; common and grey seals, dolphins, porpoises, sea eagles, sea otters, basking sharks, puffins and gulls. We also enjoyed impromptu dinghy rowing races along with crews from other yachts in sheltered bays with no wind and blazing sunshine.

Thank you all for your individual contribution on Bluebird during the Summer School odyssey of 2016.


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