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TasteMarine Shortbread

These are the stages of making the TasteMarine shortbread. Simple ingredients of butter, flour and sugar turn into the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth shortbread.




Probably the most popular accompaniment for tea or coffee that I have made in 30 years of professional cookery.


Get your orders in for Christmas and New Year now!

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5 Reasons to Hire a Caterer for Your Next Gathering


Most people have experienced catering in some form, normally at bigger functions such as weddings, corporate meetings, and large parties. However hiring a private caterer can be a great solution for smaller functions, BBQ’s, business lunches, dinner parties or other special events where your time is better served with your guests and not worrying about the food and other preparations. 

Save Time and Stress : These are probably the biggest reasons to hire a caterer, it saves you a ton of time and stress! This leaves you more time to chat with your guests and not worry about the pressures of preparing, serving, and cleaning up all of the food and refreshments. You don’t have to do the food shop, worry about fitting everything in the fridge, or spend two days preparing all the food. Leave that to the professionals.

No Mess :  Your catering team not only works hard in the kitchen, but will also be cleaning up used plates, cutlery and glasses. They will be the one cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes leaving you free to enjoy your event.

Food Safety : A caterer will take the stress off you, giving you time to mingle and speak to your guests while they serve the food on time and at the correct temperature. Caterers are trained in food safety and have licenses and certifications. The professional team will ensure food isn’t left out that shouldn’t be and that your meals are served piping hot. They can also check if any of your guests have allergies and know what not to include in the food.

The Details : Not only will your caterer pay attention to ever detail of the service, but they will work with you to help you plan a bespoke menu and decor for your event. An experienced caterer can offer fun food combinations and suggestions for the different courses that you may not have thought of. Afraid of forgetting something? Your caterer will have meticulously planned out your event so nothing is forgotten down to the last napkin. 

Right Amount of Food : Deciding how much food to prepare for a small dinner party or larger gathering can be very challenging. Often times you have a fridge full of leftovers for the next few days or you’ve run out of sausages halfway through your meal. A caterer is experienced in knowing how much to prepare, all you need to do is estimate the number of guests and let them plan the rest.

Give private catering a chance, it might just be the best idea for your next gathering, not matter how small!


Dishes for an Oban Dinner Party


Here are a few dishes we prepared for a special dinner in Oban recently. Above are carrots are chili cheese tartlets with caviar and pomegranate seeds.


Tomatoes with mini Yorkshire puddings filled with rare beef and horseradish, and last but not least, pancetta wrapped figs.


For dinner parties, special lunches, or catering for a party get in touch to discuss how we can make your event stand out.

Autumnal Delights

olives and balsamic vinegar

Sailing season is almost finished now so we’ve been busy cooking up storms for discerning clients all over Scotland; from the beautiful Kyle of Tongue to the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and every where in between.

TasteMarine celebratory dinners are high in demand.

These photos show a selection of dishes from recent catering jobs in Oban and Loch Lomond. Canapés include: stuffed green olives with balsamic dip, pancetta wrapped figs and spiced cheese tartlets with caviar, and mini Yorkshire puddings with rare beef and horseradish.

pancetta wrapped figs

mini Yorkshire puddings with rare beef and horseradish

fruits de mer


Other dishes are Scottish fruits de mer (langustines, scallops, mussels, crab, oysters) and lobsters, they are jumping out of the sea just now!!

To enquire about availability for your own private dinner, call us on 07796 008147 or email info@tastemarine.com

Marinated Courgette Ribbons IMG_0130 IMG_0131

We love the bright fresh look and taste of this dish. These are our marinated courgette ribbons stuffed with ricotta, roasted pine nuts and basil garnished with a thyme and balsamic glaze. 

To discuss menu options and catering availability in Scotland, call Laurie on 07796 008147 or email us at info@tastemarine.com. We would love to help you have a truly special event. 

Crêpe Making


Freshly made crêpes make a great dessert. These are whole meal crêpes with chantilly cream and Blairgowrie berries. Here’s a look into our assembly process. 







IMG_0136 copy

For catering enquiries for your next event, phone Laurie on 07796 008147

Yacht Cooking – Paupiettes De Boeuf


These photos show some TasteMarine oven ready meals from a recent Bluebird charter. This dish is called Paupiettes De Boeuf and includes beef, olives, roasted roots, red wine, tomatoes, French beans, garlic, and escallion shallots. 



We prepare most of our dishes ahead of time from the freshest high quality ingredients with as much as we can being sourced locally. We then put them in our specially sized tins so they fit perfectly in a galley cooker and store in your fridge space. 

As a catering company, we have developed great recipes that are perfect to take on your next sailing trip. We will check dietary requirements with you in advance and prepare accordingly, with all due diligence being paid to allergens as well.

If you want a fresh gourmet meal to start your yachting trip off right, please call Laurie on 07796 008147 to discuss your requirements and when you are next sailing. 

Scottish Shellfish Dinner Party


We recently catered a dinner party for some lovely American clients who enjoyed our Scottish shellfish “fruits de mer” in Oban. The large seafood spread included lobsters, oysters, brown crab, mussels, langustines and King scallops. A true taste of Scotland!








Plump and juicy scallops ready to be cooked.


There were a lot of oysters to shuck!







We are glad everyone enjoyed their meal, it was a pleasure cooking for you!

To discuss and book your own catered dinner party in Scotland, call Laurie on 07796 008147. 

Bespoke Catering

Seafood and salad

Whether it’s a casual lunch or extravagant dinner, we cater for all occasions. We will work with you to come up with every aspect of your meal from the menu through to the table setting, leaving you and your guests to enjoy each others company and of course the food!

Below are some dishes our Gourmet Chef’s have prepared for past events, using all the best Scottish ingredients. 

catering1Afternoon tea for hungry shooters

roasted tomatoes on garden pea risottoRoasted tomatoes on garden pea risotto

Tartare of salmon with tapenade at North BerwickTartare of salmon with tapenade at North Berwick

Poached pears with chocolate sauce at Dallas lodgePoached pears with chocolate sauce

Molten chocolate cake with butterscotchMolten chocolate cake with butterscotch

catering2Trio of desserts at Forter Castle

Noisettes of black faced Scotch Lamb at Kinloch CastleNoisettes of black faced Scotch Lamb at Kinloch Castle

Deeside grouse and redcurrantsDeeside grouse and redcurrants

Whether you are in Scotland for a holiday or live here all the time, get in touch so we can start planning your next bespoke meal. 

Last Night’s Dinner with TasteMarine


canapés Last night we had the pleasure of cooking for some great clients. We started with an amuse bouche of freshly prepared gazpacho shots and continued with an assortment of canapés.

If you’d like to discuss a menu for your next get together contact us today.


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